Racing forward at the speed of youth



Team Handmade Edition

Award Winning Frame at NAHBS


Columbus Award

The Team Handmade Edition bicycle is not only the bicycle that swept the Ohio Jr. Criterium Championships, it is also an award winning frame.

Winner of the Columbus Tubing Best Build award at the 2018 North American Handmade Bicycle Show.


Many exciting developments are happening with Team Handmade Cycling!






Our Mission

Team Handmade’s mission is to provide select youth riders in the Ohio River Valley a supportive team environment in which to hone the craft of bicycle racing, to develop life balance as student-athletes, and to blossom into productive adults. With an eye to the future, the team will help athletes navigate the various paths into collegiate racing or onto a dedicated professional development team.


Our Goal

Team founder Don Walker explains his recent decision to focus on youth racing: “I decided to dedicate my efforts on youth development for a couple reasons, really. The first being when I was young, I didn’t have much support from my
team, and now I’m at a place in my business and life where I can really get behind some young riders and help them achieve their goals, especially if they are trying to get to the ultimate goal of going pro. Second, I’ve seen up close some pretty entitled behavior in some pro riders and I think that if I can steer them in the right direction early enough, these riders will be incredibly well-grounded and will never forget where they came from. Finally, and this is more important than anything else, I want to create a sense of family among all who are involved with Team Handmade. Racing, like life, is best when you share it with those you care about.”


“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.”

John F. Kennedy



The ongoing success of Team Handmade CX serves as the foundation upon which Team Handmade ill be built. Beginning in the spring of 2017, Team Handmade will focus resources on developing Junior and U23 racers from the midwest. Competing at national and international road events, the team will supplement their training with track racing at the Major Taylor Velodrome, and will continue to make a mark on UCI Cyclocross races across the US.



Building on the strong relationships established by the existing Team Handmade CX squad, Team Handmade is excited to announce the support of many significant bicycle industry partners.